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It is an item that is suitable for simple packaging.

Edo cord / Karatachi cord / waxed cord
Twisted cord / paper cord


Item suitable for highly decorative wrapping.

Curled ribbon / checkered ribbon
linen ribbon / Glitter ribbon.


It enhance decotativity of the formal style.

Braid / Spangle / Lamé / Fake Fur / Binder
RickRack / AYATAKE / NANAKO / Fringe / Tassel ...etc


It enhance the decorativeness by using for edging and switching

Cord Piping / Jacquard Piping / Knit Piping
Stretch / Lamé / Velvet ...etc

Knit Tape

It can be used for a variety of purposes because of its elasticity, such as laying down, using as a string, and line tape (look at side chapter).

Warp knit / Weft knit
Knit Cord / Pile / Lamé
Stripe / Binder ...etc


It is Ideal for cuffs and collars due to its elasticity.

Round rubber / Cord / Binder / Waist Belt / Mesh
Inner Belt / Frill / Tape / Piping / Strap ...etc


Just attaching it will turn the product into elegant and girly style.

Raschel / Embroidery / Tulle / Chemical
Torchon / Lamé...etc


It can be used as accents for women's clothes (including underwear)

Ribbon type ( bow with ribbon, bow, check pattern, dot pattern, velvet ) flower type / tassel...etc