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This is the introduction to our environmental friendly product with positive externalities on society.

Bemberg® Ribbon

This ribbon is biodegradable(can be decomposed by bacteria in the soil) therefore avoids pollution.

No.6970 / No.6971

Benberg® is produced by ASAHIKASEI's brand that uses recycled cellulose and cupra.

Registration Number:B00C579


Its raw material consists of an element rarely used in the making of fiber;
cotton linters.

"Recycled cellulose"was invented by reforming downy hair around cotton seed by using their original manufacturing method.



It has biodegradable property, where if buried in soil,
it will return to nature.

On summer condition (of 35 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity), burying it for 2 months will allow half of its mass to be decomposed completely.



Environmental friendly,
Cupra fiber<Bemberg®>

As <Bemberg®> is produced from organic raw material; cotton linter, it does not cause air pollution when burnt.



It represents the concept of
"no-pollution, zero emission" production.

It aims to reduce waste by reusing / recycling, and burying it to be decomposed.
To add on to "Zero-emission", The production waste of <Bemberg®> will be recycled for power generation by combustion of the waste(therefore it reduced over consumption of fossil fuels). It practises the "sustainable" production process.


Organic Cotton

It is an environmental-friendly cotton product grown according to pesticide and fertilizer usage standards.

Grosgrain / Satin / Taffeta / Herringbone
Jacquard / Cord / Braid / Piping / Lace ...etc

Recycled Polyester

An environmentally friendly product made from recycled polyester.


Dope Dyeing × Recycled Polyester

This is the most environmentally friendly original polyester that reduces the use of water and chemicals during dyeing.

It is a bespoke product. Please contact us for more information.

Dope Dyeing × Recycled Polyester